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Welcome to Qservice Electronics ...

Here you will find

Scarce and obsolete parts to restore your old test equipment, or have  the one you got off eBay at a bargain price repaired,

Technical manuals - Service manuals for Hewlett - Packard  / Tektronix / Fluke test instruments

Scarce semiconductors for  Industrial  /  Military or Consumer  electronics

Fully restored and guaranteed test and measurement instruments  

A broad selection of spares / PCBs and service manuals for Sony consumer electronics from 1980

Tested / reconditioned and guaranteed  PCBs for CRT Plasma & LCD TVs

And many, many more.....


Qservice  does  have these difficult to get spare parts

Can't find what you are after in our site..??


Simply send email or Fax with your requirements, many parts are not yet listed, and we continuously add new products to our catalog


A selection from our products appears below, click on the categories left menu, to find out more

Tektronix Active & Passive Probes & Accessories

Tektronix Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TM500 TM5000 Plug-ins

Tektronix Service Operating Manuals

Tektronix Knobs & Dials

Tektronix Cabinet / Cosmetic Parts

Tektronix Mechanical Parts

Tektronix CRTs Tubes LCDs

Tektronix PCBs & Assemblies

Tektronix Attenuators

Tektronix Potentiometers / Switches / Connectors

Tektronix Passive Components / Motors

Tektronix High Voltage Assemblies

Tektronix Custom Transistors - Diodes

Tektronix Custom ICs

Tektronix High Voltage / Inverter Transformers

Fluke Test Instruments - Accessories

Fluke Test Instrument  Spares

Fluke Test Instrument Service - Operating Manuals

HP - Agilent Instruments / Probes & Accessories

HP - Agilent Instrument Knobs - Dials

HP - Agilent  Assemblies - PCBs

HP - Agilent   Potentiometers / Switches / Connectors

HP - Agilent Custom Semiconductors

HP - Agilent Mechanical Parts

HP - Agilent  Cosmetic / Cabinet Parts

HP - Agilent Service - Operating Manuals

Sony Consumer Camera - Camcorder Spare Parts

Sony Plasma / LCD / CRT TV  Spare Parts

Sony Consumer Audio Spare Parts

Sony Pro Audio - Video Spare Parts

Sony Car Audio Repair Parts

Sony CD / DVD / Minidisk Laser Assemblies - Magnetic Heads

Sony Betamax VHS Hi-8 MiniDV Spare Parts

Sony Special Semiconductors - ICs Transistors Diodes

Sony Audio - Video TV Test Instruments - Special Jig

Sony Original Service Operating manuals

Sony Playstation Spares - Accessories

Sony Original Accessories & Remote Controls

Sony Audio - TV Speakers

Consumer Electronics Spare Parts

Tools Test Adaptors

Test Accessories

Industrial passive Parts Connectors - Relays Switches

RF Connectors & Parts

Transmitting - Receiving Tubes

Semiconductors for Industrial - Commercial Applications

Capacitors for Industrial Applications

Solid State / Electromechanical Relays



Service  Manuals - Originals - PDF & Reprinted for Tektronix, HP, Fluke - Philips, Test instruments

Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, TM500 - TM5000 series, RF - Signal - Sweep Generator application Notes

Tektronix - HP / Agilent - Fluke and Many more test instrument repair parts & accessories

Active and Passive Test probes & probe accessories - spares

Original spares & manuals, new and used, for Tektronix / HP - Agilent / Fluke / Sony

Complete inventory for the very popular Tektronix 2400 series analog and digital oscilloscopes

Tubes -  CRTs - Obsolete Semiconductors, diode, IC, transistor, for Military & Industrial applications

High reliability electronic components for extreme industrial environments

Consumer Electronics, Repair parts - Manuals, for CRT, LCD, Plasma Displays, and audio - video equipment

TV Switching & High Voltage  transformers, PCB Assemblies, Knobs, connectors, hardware.

Mechanical Parts - assemblies, gears, Potentiometers, Switches, cosmetic parts, ICs, Diodes, Transistors

CCD image sensors, laser heads, magnetic heads, LCD panels, backlight tubes, tuners, IF assemblies,

Obsolete PC parts, motherboards, controllers, processors, memory Chips, display cards, sound cards, disks


And, many many more...


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